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Parent's don't matter...

According to one council at least

Many abused babies 'hurt again' according to report.

RPSSUK Comment on the report

Child protection overhaul 'could lead to false abuse claims'

RPSSUK:What? More than they are at now?

Website helps adopted children research birth parents

Sex abuse girl, 3, 'left to live in filth'

Due to total social services mismanagment....again!

Care staff pledged legal protection over false abuse allegations

RPSSUK: A dirty trick by the Govt to stop en masse litigation

Kindred spirit

Watch the adoption figures soar with this one, definitely a conflict of interest here/

Nanny Blair would win it

When reading, please note not one reference to parents as people or parental organisations

Links to other sites

Social Services Abuse

A group also from PACT, a veritable treasure trove in the fight to reclaim justice.

Global site with UK branch, very good resource for the battle for justice - It shows we are not alone in our struggle

Equal Parenting Council

Exactly what it says. If your issue is with CAFCASS then this site is for you!


The aim of our organisation is to provide help for people who have been convicted in the British courts on false allegations, with support for both the person concerned, and the family as well.

Paul Nutteing

Site of one man who has had extensive dealings with a department in the west, very interesting reading


A site dedicated in uncovering the many cases of false allegation and its impact upon its victims.

Mum's 4 Ever

A forum with a difference, very good resource for Mum's who need someone to talk to.


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Welcome to the all new look of the RPSSUK

I apologise for the sudden cessation of work but with the launch of Unity Injustice I was caught between two tasks and Unity Injustice needed the majority of my time.

I am concentrating on the first level pages first, then will tackle the hundreds of second level pages, I have huge amounts of new stories, articles and links so watch this space.

Thank you for supporting the RPSSUK

What does the term "Social Worker" evoke in your mind?

What do you associate with the term?

Is it a caring professional that helps familes with support and advice? Or is it the dreaded person who takes your children away.....!

There is evidence of systematic and widespread corruption in many UK department's. This doesn't even touch on the possibility of perjurous testimony, abuse of a position of trust and denial of an individuals rights.

Child Protection is not a reason to remove the legal rights of an individual, yet many social workers appear "above the law" and actively deny families and their children basic human rights. Many Social Workers actively break the law yet no one will champion this and the government will not listen.

There must be a system of just retribution for the sufferer's of these circumstances, jail sentences for criminal activity, fines and disbarring for malpractice and public identifying through the media of such malpractices and criminal acts.

After all isn't that what Law and Order is about?

Isn't a criminal act punishable anymore or is it that the government are promoting and endorsing the age old adage "The ends justifies the means..."

The RPSSUK's view on this though that if there were controls, that if there were real checks and balances, ones that can not be corrupted or abused by SSD's, if the policies of departments were designed to help the people rather than protect the social worker, there must be a system of retribution for poor or malicious practice that is not corrupt and in the hands of the workers involved BUT the MAJOR point I would state here,


We as a collective group of citizens are not asking for the abolition of social services, far from it as we recognise the need for social services, however what we demand and expect as a given right, is the work to be done in a caring and just way, with equality, empathy and an independance of bias and prejudice. We want reform of the way things are done, we want the real abusers caught and punished and the children protected...

Not blanket persecutions of complete sections of society.


When the time is right, leaders of all the parliamentary parties, the department of education, CAFCASS, Lord Chancellor's department and other relevant agencies will all be asked to look at this objectively and give an opinion in writing and what or if they will or could do to protect people, which if suitable will be shown here on the site.

The RPSSUK is 100% behind any initiative that catches child abusers of any kind

The RPSSUK & Unity Injustice are an intiative to catch abusers of the social services kind!

Don't bother with Liberty & other "brand name" Charities

We are suffering terrible civil breaches of our rights and yet we don't hear "Liberty" or any of the other's standing our cause.

Because "Liberty" and their fellow charities are preconceived to condemn and convict us out of hand even though we have evidence to prove otherwise.

There's no smoke without fire eh? So why are you in the business then if you can selectively pick and choose whats right and wrong, what is worse is that it is happening to your fellow citizens.

The RPSSUK or Unity Injustice do not support or associate with "selective" justice groups, justice is a right to all, not a select few.

Whilst Liberty and other's may think they do a good job and are heartily thanked all round, the rank prejudice that exudes from Liberty shows that you have to be in the right sort of injustice to get help.

Now if I was a wrongly convicted Bank Robber, they would be there like a shot, mention a child and they wimp out just like the rest of the cowards.

Well, here's a newsflash....

We HAVE our own civil injustice group and WE will SHOW you how it should be, not as it is...!


The RPSSUK wishes to investigate further the highly obnoxious practice of adoption quota filling, if there is evidence of authorities fast tracking or "fixing"care proceedings for filling adoption quotas then we want to KNOW

You can use the anonymous email service on the CONTACT page

(Thanks to those who have already contacted the RPSSUK on this matter)

(Could the person who claimed to have evidence of this please recontact the RPSSUK)

It's Official..

These are the worst social services departments in the UK

Swindon, Plymouth, Oldham Cumbria, Bromley, Birmingham, Bedfordshire, Waltham Forest.

These shameful departments are so bad that they have not earned one star in the new ratings and Cumbria, Oldham and Plymouth are rated as having no promise of change but are assessed as getting worse if that is possible.

The directors and other people involved with these departments should be investigated thoroughly, the executive powers removed until some semblance of normality is resumed.

Residents of these area's - TAKE ACTION - Challenge the council leaders in their chamber's, get your MP to investigate WHY these departments are so bad - Draw petitions and make sure that it is clear that your block vote of petitioners will vote against those in power until they change the situation

RPSSUK Disclaimer

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Please make a donation however small, it's free to use and you can do so by debit or credit card - all funds will be used to promote this site.

What I need help with primarily is stationary, printer cartridges, publicity materials, things that could be used to promote awareness of whats going on, I do all this on Incapacity Benefit so find myself rather limited in funds sometimes.

Whistle Blower's passed on:

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Remember, one of these whistleblowers could be in YOUR department, we at the RPSSUK urge you to come clean about any illegal, immoral or corrupt practices.

We know there are good workers out there, talk to us, work with us and we will take the fight to clean the departments up


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Information & Articles

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Every Child Matter's - Comment

The RPSSUK's comment on this radical, blinkered Bill designed to do anything BUT promote the family unit

Social Services - A shape of things to come

In true Orwellian fashion, social services seek to usurp territory owned by other agencies

Cutting Crime, Delivering Justice

Fails to acknowledge law breaking by agencies

Moving the goalposts...again

Parents have lost the right to sue local authorities if they levy a false allegation against them...!

The dissociation circuit
Sloppy thinkers whose dangerous psychological theories resonate in naive circles

Medical Findings and Child Sexual Abuse

This article is NOT for the faint hearted, it makes for disturbing reading, it shows that many signs of abuse are actually naturally occurring in on abused children.

Creating False Memories

Want to see how it's done?

Removing your Child

Things you need to know

Shaming Swindon

(a ZERO rated social services)

<<<Read it here>>>

Social Services admits they will not address their own miscarriages, Mrs Hodge allows SS to police themselves again and instead of returning legally kidnapped children wishes to "compensate" for their loss


"We advise all BASW members that, through its Advice and Representation Service, the Association will support any members* to challenge any direction by their employer to act unlawfully or unprofessionally in unjustifiably separating children from their parents..."

We thought this too good to be true and we were right, this is a directive for asylum seekers ONLY- RPSSUK

The Late Martin Thei

An indication of just what goes on with these people....

He chose suicide rather than face a criminal investigation. What else did he have to hide?

A Message to Unison

What the RPSSUK thinks of blind action against the public

Prominant Personalities

Margeret Hodge:

The whistleblower's story

Clash of cultures

Public humiliation for Hodge

Timeline: Margaret Hodge

Children deserve much better

Hodge named 'worst public servant'


Sir Roy Meadows



Dr Southall

Inquiry knew of fears on banned paediatrician

Doctors' dilemmas- Dr Southall

Child abuse case parents tell of 17 years of anguish

Child abuse expert rebuked - but stays on the register

Paediatricians fear children will suffer

Paediatrician faces further cases

GMC judgment on David Southall

Falsely blamed mother asks law lords for right to sue

Specific and Tragic scandals


Climbié doctors under scrutiny

Climbie social worker 'to appeal'

Climbie worker made 'scapegoat'

Victoria Climbie: Chain of neglect

Forgive me, pleads Climbie chief

NSPCC told to explain discrepancies in evidence

Climbié council closed cases inappropriately


North East Lincolshire Social Services slammed!!!

RPSSUK Comment on N.E.Lincs


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